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Over 400 years ago on the tropical isles of the Caribbean, a legend was born. (No, not the Captain – rum.) Starting out as sugar cane, the adventure-seeking locals squeezed out the sweet juices inside – which they fermented, distilled and aged, to produce the very first rum.

In 1493, a privateer named Columbus inspired folks back home to up-anchor to the Caribbean, where they traded tea cups for sugar cane. These ingenious souls then added their own secret blend of herbs, spices and fruits. It wasn’t long before spiced rum was the favourite grog in the taverns of Port Royal, Jamaica.

Captain Morgan always had a sense for adventure, and when he first caught wind of the rich, sweet rum, he soon followed suit in creating his own mix.

Crafted and perfected over his many years of sea-faring, the secret to all his blends can now be revealed...


1. The sugar cane
The rich, sweet juices from within the sugar cane are squeezed and a by-product called molasses is obtained.

2. Fermentation
Yeast and water are added to the molasses to create alcohol. The yeast is carefully selected to determine the final taste and aroma profile of the rum.

3. Distillation
An expert combination of science and art, the process of distillation heats and condenses the fermented liquid in column stills.

4. Maturation
The liquid is then aged in charred white oak barrels, to add colour and flavour. Evaporation from the barrels helps the angels steal their 2% share but, in return, bestows it with concentrated flavour.

5. Blending
To achieve the smooth taste for which the Captain Morgan's drinks are renowned, the finest Caribbean rums are carefully blended.

A secret combination of spice and natural flavours are expertly blended to Captain Morgan Original Spiced to achieve the taste - loved by high-seas buccaneers and land lubbers alike.