How is rum made?

To create the smooth taste that the Captain is known the world over for, the finest Caribbean rums are carefully blended.

Rum is created through five essential steps.

1. Creating molasses from the sugar cane

The juices are squeezed from the sugar cane to create a by-product called molasses.

2. Fermentation

Alcohol is created by adding yeast and water to the molasses. The yeast is always carefully chosen to ensure the right taste profile and aroma of the final rum.

3. Distillation

The fermented liquid is heated and condensed in column stills.

4. Maturation

Some of this liquid will then get its rich colour and flavour by being aged in charred white oak barrels.

5. Blending

This is where the Captain comes into his own. To create the smooth taste that he’s known the world over for, some of the finest Caribbean rums are carefully blended.

While the locals of Caribbean islands like Jamaica were squeezing out the sweet sugar cane juices to create molasses, fermenting, distilling and aging to create dark rum, those in Cuba and Puerto Rico were keeping their liquid clear through a very short period of aging after distillation. The result was a refreshing white rum with a subtle and sweet taste.

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