Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and Cola Premix

With the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and Cola premixed drink the Captain’s tastiest combination is always at hand and always ready to drink. Enjoy from the can or mix with ice and a dash of lime.

The Captain is a perfectionist. Just ask his crew. And for the Captain when it comes to his favourite cocktails, it simply has to be the best every single time.  Which can sometimes prove challenging when out at sea. On a balmy night, safe at anchor, when it’s time for celebrating, the Captain loves nothing more than sharing Captain and Cola perfectly premixed with all his crew.

You too can enjoy the taste of the Captain and Cola in a can that’s easy to take anywhere.

Put it to your lips to taste notes of natural vanilla, brown sugar, a hint of oak and warming spices of the Captain’s Original Spiced Gold mixed with the lip-smacking taste of cola for an easy Cuba Libre anywhere.