Spiced Rum

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If the Captain could nail one flag to his mast and hoist it up for the world to see, it would always be his Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. It’s the real figurehead of his fleet.

With the first Caribbean rums created well over 400 years ago, the ingenious souls of Jamaica decided to create their own secret blend of herbs, spices and fruits. Spiced rum quickly became the go-to grog in all the taverns of Port Royal, Jamaica.
But the Captain was the first to bring this taste of the Caribbean to your shores.

Spiced Rum is created from the juice of the sugar cane being squeezed to create a bi-product called molasses, which is then fermented by adding water and yeast before being distilled. It is then left to mature in wood or oak barrels and then mixed with a secret blend of herbs and spices.

It is rich and robust, making it the ideal tipple to be drunk long with your favourite mixer. As the Captain’s Spiced Rum is packed full of flavour, it can be diluted and still pack a punch in the taste stakes. The touch of spice and zing on your tongue also makes it an ideal option for a rich and vibrant spiced rum cocktail, whether the Captain’s Caipirinha, Rum Runner or a powerful Zombie. Spiced rum is flexible, delicious and should be at the forefront of your cocktail mixing.
And when it comes to the Captain’s Original Spiced Rum?

As is always the Captain’s way – his Original Spiced Rum is a secret recipe packed with spice, adventure and natural flavours. These are expertly blended with the beautiful bounty of fine Caribbean rum before being aged in charred white oak barrels. The taste is rich and the colour as golden as glistening treasure.

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