Enjoy Slooow

At Captain Morgan, we want you to have more fun. By slowing down. Peer pressure and excessive alcohol consumption? No thanks! We want to contribute to a positive drinking culture where moderation is the norm. So sipping at your own pace, staying true to your vibe and enjoying the moment, are all that matter. We call it: "Enjoy Slow". Yep, we’re slowing it all the way down. Our new campaign with Bree Runway is about embracing all of your spice and enjoying moderation by taking it nice and slooow. Not being afraid to say no to a drink, not getting pulled into having another round, but drinking at your own pace. Because however you spice, spice on!

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Tips and Tricks
on Moderation

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Behind the Scenes

Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes of all that went down on set shooting our Enjoy Slow campaign with the iconic Bree Runway. Get acquainted with Bree as she speaks about moderation, how her DIY route into music inspired her remix of the classic song, and more.