History of rum

The story of Rum, dear scallywags and sea dogs, started over 400 years ago. When a legend was born. The Captain’s favourite drink.

Starting out as sugar cane, the thrill seeking Caribbean locals squeezed out the sweet juices inside before fermenting, distilling and aging to make the very first rum. It was a secret kept to those shores until 1493 when a privateer named Columbus and his crew landed in the sun-soaked Caribbean. Others followed and traded tea cups for sugar cane.

Secret blends of herbs, spices and fruits were added and before long, the sweet spiced nectar was the spirit of choice in all the taverns in the region.

Inspired by Captain Henry Morgan's story, Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Gold was created, secretly combining spice flavours blended with premium Caribbean Rums to create a spirit that perfectly blends with cola, one of the world's most popular spirit mixers today.