Captain Jol Jamaica Rum

Captain Jol

Captain Morgan Jamaica Rum is a rum with the heritage of Jamaica at its heart. It is blended according to the Captain’s very own age-old recipe and is rich, sumptuous and smooth.

The Captain isn’t always a patient man. When there’s gold to be had, treasure to be found and rum to de drunk he has no time to wait around.

When breathing in the salty sea air, when being scorched by the sun and when the food rations run dry, the Captain doesn’t want to sacrifice the taste of his favourite tipple. He wants the sweet taste of a mojito at once.

Take a sip of our best mojito recipe, lift it to your nose and be transported to the shores of Cuba wherever you find yourself. You’ll taste the sweet, crisp clear notes of Captain Morgan White Rum combined with zesty lime, sweet sugar and magnificent mint for the classic cocktail combination the Captain sailed to the shores of Cuba to find.


Up all night like a true Captain? Then this one’s for you.

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