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Captain Morgan Dark Rum

Captain Morgan Dark Rum is a rum with the heritage of Jamaica at its heart. It is rich, sumptuous and smooth.

The Captain’s Dark Rum isn’t just any old seafarer’s beverage.

To make the perfect dark rum to keep the Captain’s men going across the seven seas, Captain Morgan Dark Rum is aged for at least two years in charred oak barrels for that heavenly oak finish, before being blended according to our very own secret recipe.

The smooth, rich and oaky taste of Captain Morgan Dark Rum makes it the perfect tipple to be drunk neat or moored on the rocks.
For a real rum punch, you can mix into one of the Captain’s favourite dark rum cocktails. Mix with ginger ale for a simple yet delicious concoction the Captain calls his Captain’s Storm or go all out and mix with Captain Morgan Coconut Rum and orange liqueur to create his marvelous Mai Tai.

Tasting Notes

Intensely deep and rich taste, with a smoky cask finish.

Product Story

Captain Morgan Dark Rum captures the spirit of the Jamaican tavern parties Henry Morgan and his crew would have enjoyed, with a rich and full-bodied taste perfect for the modern day buccaneers.

Perfect forPlanter's Punch

A heady mix of Captain, fruit juice, grenadine and bitters.

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