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Captain Morgan White Rum

Our Captain Morgan White Rum. It takes serious crafting to make a white rum this delicious. Distilled to make our white rum so smooth, so delicious, so subtly sweet, it’ll make your mouth water just reading about it. See what we mean?

Captain Morgan White Rum is smooth, delicious and subtly sweet. Endlessly versatile, it’s slightly sweet with crisp notes that are perfect for any mixed drink, or cocktail - if you’re feeling fancy. 

Captain Morgan White Rum is the best place to start if you love a fresh mojito. Pro tip: You can never have too much mint. Or try a Captain Paloma - just add lime and grapefruit juice and top up with soda. Summer calls for good times, good drinks and the greatest of friends.

Tasting Notes.

This medium bodied crisp and clean rum is light like the Captain’s unfurled sail. It has the distinct clear composition of the finest Caribbean white rum, but with a slight sweet aftertaste. It’s the perfect tipple for one of the Captain’s white rum cocktails or simply to be drunk moored on the rocks when it’s time to party.

Product Story

Captain Morgan White Rum is all about a beautiful blend and the finest selection of Caribbean rums. It has been distilled five times and mixed with fine cane molasses for a crisp and smooth finish. They taste and taste until it hits the spot.


With mint, soda, lime & sugar syrup.

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