Image of Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum

Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum

Fresh and juicy yet perfectly balanced, Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum is an explosion of taste that’s both sweet and refreshingly crisp. Enjoy moored on the rocks for a fruity fiesta or use as the base for one of the Captain’s favourite fruity pineapple rum cocktails.

When the Captain’s at sea, all his heart desires is the fruity flavour to remind him of whiling the time away on dreamy Caribbean islands. When the salty sea air smacks his face, he’s transported to that place with just one sip of his Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum.

Batten down the hatches and dream of a Caribbean paradise with the fragrant aroma of fresh tasting pineapple, slight notes of molasses and natural fruit flavours. The finish is balanced, sweet and crisp like the Caribbean waters the Captain’s ship sails upon.

Perfect forPineapple Mule

A sublime drink to enjoy while you put your boots up on the sand.

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