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Our story, dear scallywags and sea dogs, started over 400 years ago. When a legend was born. The Captain’s favourite tipple.

Starting out as sugar cane, the thrill seeking Caribbean locals squeezed out the sweet juices inside before fermenting, distilling and aging to make the very first rum. It was a secret kept to those shores until 1493 when a privateer named Columbus and his crew landed in the sun-soaked Caribbean. Others followed and traded tea cups for sugar cane.

Secret blends of herbs, spices and fruits were added and before long, the sweet spiced nectar was the tipple of choice in all the taverns in the region.

And then the Captain got his hands on the beautiful bounty. Not satisfied with the taste on his lips he knew he had to make his own mix.

The secret of how the Captain’s tipple is made is of course known by only the Captain himself and a close bunch of his trusted lieutenants. But for all privateers, buccaneers and landlubbers alike the only thing that matters is the taste of the Captain’s sumptuous secret recipes.