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how to unlock adventure

1Solve the clue
2Enter the password
3Collect your prize
Find the answer in anything Captain – at a bar, on your phone, even in an ad.

this week's clue:

What is Action Bronson's favorite dessert?

Call 1-833-CPT-MRGNCall 1-833-CPT-MRGN
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Need a Hint?

Need a Hint?

New clues drop every other week.

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Super Bowl Weekend Package
Super Bowl LVIII Weekend Package
Signed NFL Jersey
Signed NFL Jersey
Captain Morgan Cooler
Captain Morgan Cooler

follow the captain toVic's House Party

Victor Cruz and Aminé are throwing down a house party in New York City, and Captain Morgan fans are invited.

Join them for this Friendsgiving feast, filled with epic musical performances and unexpected adventure behind each door.
Sold out

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