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Welcome to an
NFL season of Adventure

Follow the Captain, Find The Clues. Unlock Adventure. tickets to that big thing that happens at the end of the season.

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how to unlock adventure

1Solve the clue
2Enter the password
3Collect your prize
Find the answer in anything Captain – at a bar, on your phone, even in an ad.

this week's clue:

Watch our latest commercial that you see above and look for the famous singer. What tickets does she have in her hand?

Think you've solved it?

Enter in the answer here:

Need a Hint?

Need a Hint?

New clues drop every other week.

Follow the Captain for a chance to win:

Super Bowl Weekend Package
Super Bowl LVIII Weekend Package
Signed NFL Jersey
Signed NFL Jersey
Captain Morgan Cooler
Captain Morgan Cooler

follow the captain toThe ultimate away game

Experience the Jumbotron live!

While the Dallas Cowboys are away facing their rivals on October 8th, you can tune in live from their home turf.

Bring your appetite and sense of adventure to this epic event.

follow the captain toThe Captain's Section

Ever wanted to sit VIP at your favorite NFL teams game?

You could score a ticket to the Arizona Cardinals game on their home turf on October 29th, and watch all the action from our exclusive Captain Morgan section.

And you can ONLY find the tickets here.

Follow the Captain for the adventure.

Could these be coordinates to get tickets early?

Location 1 pin
Event Full

The captain is showing up all season long

Captain Morgan is throwing down events all season long and you could be invited. Check out what he's done and what he has planned next.
Victor Cruz
Vic's house party